The HOLLY electric harvester is light, well balanced and can be connected to a telescopic or fixed extension pole. It gives excellent results with any type of cultivar thanks to the elliptical movement of its harvesting head, which is free of any vibrations and fitted with a support in carbon techno-polymer. The interchangeable flexible teeths of this electric harvester are made of highly resistant techno-polymer so as not to damage the tree. The autonomy of the HOLLY electric harvester, connected to a 12 V battery (70/80 Ah), is a full working day.

Motor gear-box with protection fuse

Anti-rip handle for the cable

Telescopic or fixed extension poles, from 45 to 270 cm

Harvesting head support made of carbon technopolymer

Harvesting head with elliptical movement

Interchangeable, highly resistant technopolymer teeth

Rated voltage 12
Power output 450 Wh
Speed 1200 rpm
Weight 2,6 kg
Absorption 7 / 8 Ah