OLISTAR DIABLO and OLISTAR DIABLO 1800 EVO pneumatic olive harvesters are the natural evolution of the TUONO model.
Thanks to the optimization of their penetration and easy movement among the branches, these pneumatic harvesters represent the ideal professional tools for thick trees.
They are fitted with techno-polymer rakes with long, elastic and interchangeable teeth and have a magnesium alloy pneumatic motor to reduce the tool freezing problem. The exhaust air is directed to the moving parts to keep them lubricated and refrigerated, while a cover protects them from wear and tear. These harvesters require low air consumption.
The OLISTAR DIABLO 1800 model, thanks to the short stroke of piston and rakes, has a great power and speed (1800 strokes at 6 bar).

Short stroke: Movement system of piston and rakes (OLISTAR DIABLO 1800 EVO)

Protection of the moving parts to reduce their wear and tear

Conveyor of the exhaust air towards the rakes to keep them constantly lubricated and refrigerated

Magnesium alloy frame to reduce the tool freezing problem

Techno-polymer rakes with interchangeable teeth



Diablo Diablo 1800 Evo
Speed 1400 1800
Weight 1000 gr 1000 gr
Air consumption 200 l/min 150 l/min
Max pressure 7 BAR 6 BAR